Transportation, Inc


Store All Your Equipment Here !

Easy Access, with Security 24 x 7

Indoor Storage

Over 10,000 square feet of indoor storage. Easy access day or night.

Outdoor Storage

Over 20 acres of fenced-in secure, storage area.

Onsite Security 24x7

Storage yard is patrolled and monitored with gated access.

Easy Access

Easy access on the Gulf Freeway in Houston, Texas. Located on the i-45 South (north bound), 7201 Easthaven Blvd.

Contact Us

Naegeli Transportation, Inc.
Indoor/Outdoor Storage
7201 Easthaven Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77017

713-946-4000 Ext 0
713-946-4375 Ext 0

800-451-4217 Ext 0